khan acadamy html and css

In Khan Academy I learned about coding like html and CSS. The videos showed me how to color a page and the background. I think khan academy is a very useful website and their html and CSSĀ program is very helpful for someone like me who wants have a job that includes computers when I’m older. The pages we made were about places we could travel and one about our favorite animal. For the travel on i did the page on Austria and for the animal one I did that page on a cat, which is my favorite animal of all time. Some keys for html are <strong> to making the lettering bold and <p> is to start a paragraph. Another key for html, which is my favorite is the <img src=””> tag which puts an image onto your page. For the second portion of the project we learned CSS. Some tags we learned for CSS are <h1> which is used to make a heading. Another CSS tag is <style> which can be used to color the page’s background and also lettering. When I did the page about my favorite animal I colored the background yellow to match its eyes. My favorite CSS tag is the #. I like it because when you put a word that is included in the text, you can change its color, make it bold or italicized. That was the unit on CSS and html in Khan Academy, and it was very fun and important.

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