khan acadamy html and css

In Khan Academy I learned about coding like html and CSS. The videos showed me how to color a page and the background. I think khan academy is a very useful website and their html and CSS¬†program is very helpful for someone like me who wants have a job that includes computers when I’m older. The pages we made were about places we could travel and one about our favorite animal. For the travel on i did the page on Austria and for the animal one I did that page on a cat, which is my favorite animal of all time. Some keys for html are <strong> to making the lettering bold and <p> is to start a paragraph. Another key for html, which is my favorite is the <img src=””> tag which puts an image onto your page. For the second portion of the project we learned CSS. Some tags we learned for CSS are <h1> which is used to make a heading. Another CSS tag is <style> which can be used to color the page’s background and also lettering. When I did the page about my favorite animal I colored the background yellow to match its eyes. My favorite CSS tag is the #. I like it because when you put a word that is included in the text, you can change its color, make it bold or italicized. That was the unit on CSS and html in Khan Academy, and it was very fun and important.

key events

in this assignment me and paul had to pick an event that was key to technology and we picked nintendo and how the company changed gaming. we wrote about the consoles and how it started. also we did stuff about the famous games and how the invention of those games were revolutionary for gaming. We checked out the pages about Youtube Pong and Pixar. Here is our project down below!

Assignment 8 survey

In my survey i sent one out seeing what the favorite internet meme is. So far 7 people responded but i sent it to more so it could go up.For question 1 the favorite meme is CHICKEN STRIPS!!!!! In question 2 was the question, what is your funniest meme and it varied between multiple answers. Question 3 was what is the most stale meme. that questions answers also varied. question 4 is where are memes most commonly found. the lead in that was other answers. question 5 was what is your favorite youtube channel meme. The lead was other answers but close behind was scarce and leafyishere. question 6 was did you like the survey. the leader in that question was 42.

http:// DAB

citation review

in this assignment we went to several websites about tech news and newest things in technology. We needed to go on so we could properly cite the information and give credit to the original creator of the website or article. citations are important because they help give credit to people and it can help you avoid getting claimed for copyright or not using fair use. If you get copy-written you can get put in jail or face major fines. It is also the right thing to do if you create a citation if you use something of someone else’s online or anywhere else. here is my project

assignment 3 digital footprint.


For this video we made an animation for digital footprints and the people out a video of them vandalizing and they are in jail. We learned you should never post something you will regret. If you post something that is embarrassing because it is extremely hard to erase.

I watched jayda and madys video and it was my favorite. The girl got fired and chad told her not to do it again. link to there video


Assignment #2 Safe Blogging

One way to blog safe is to never put your last name school or address. Don’t link your personal blog from your school blog. You might revel information that you don’t want on your school blog. If you want to write an opinion on a topic make sure it isn’t offensive to anyone. make sure that you check your blog for any grammar errors or spelling errors and your use of your words. never disrespect anyone in your blog. you don’t want someone being rude about your interests. don’t write about other people without there permission because it could hurt there feelings. watch your language because you are in school and you could ofeomeone. make sure the things you’re writing about are real and not made up. The last thing is that you should keep your blog educational.