Portfolio entry 4

In term 2 for English class there was a book we read called “No Promises In The Wind”. It was a book about the Great depression, and the book took place in 1932. It was about a boy named Josh and his brother Joey venturing outside of Chicago and trying to find a living because their father was heavily affected by the Great Depression. They travel to Louisiana and then Nebraska and at the end of the story, they make their way to Chicago again. There are many interesting characters in this book and I definitely recommend it. Josh is s brave character that underestimates his brother at the beginning. Joey shows that he is competent and proves to Josh that he can make it on his own. Josh is 15 years old and Joey is about 9 so I wouldn’t think a sibling 6 years younger than me can make it on his or her own. In my opinion this is one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read in school.

Portfolio entry 3

In term 2 in science we did a lab expressing chemical change in a substance. The gear we used were a spoon of sugar, aluminum foil, a metal spoon, a match, and a Sterno. First we put the sugar on a coffee filter and then we put the small amount of aluminum foil. then we had to put the sugar on the foil that was on the spoon. Then Ms. Drouin had to light the Sterno with the match and we had to carefully hold the spoon above the flame. When we did, the sugar turned into liquid and started bubbling and forming a new substance. Some people’s sugar turned charred to a crisp but mine turned into a substance that looks like candy. After only one minute it cooled down! If a substance goes through a physical change then it stays the same substance and nothing else happens. Examples of physical changes are ripping a paper, crushing, or breaking. A chemical change is when a new substance forms. Examples could be a gas forming or melting. That was my favorite lab t  that we did in term 2 for science class.

Portfolio entry 2

In science we did this lab where we mixed food coloring in with water and mixed the colored waters together to make a rainbow to hold the containers. I spilt the yellow one on my paper so my    paper was forever stained yellow :(. But the project was really fun otherwise. It depends on what the substance is if it is considered to be a chemical or physical change. In this lab it was a physical change because the water did not change substance, only food coloring was present. If it changed color and a gas was formed.

portfolio entry 1

The classes I was involved in this year were fun. My favorites were science and art.


In art my favorite project is when we made stencils and spray panted them onto a t shirt. I did a cool Pokemon one that I like wearing. I had to trace a picture from google images and cut it out with an x-acto knife. It took me about 3 classes to cut the stencil and 1 class to spray paint on the shirt. we had to put paper and weights around where the spray-paint was going to be put. Here it is.



coolest shirt ever created